Recreational marijuana delivery in Portland?

With Oregon’s passing of recreational sale for October, big things are on the horizon. The period of tax-free weed will be from October to whenever the first store opens. You will be limited in the amount that you can buy per visit, as they have to regulate these sales. Come July, or whenever the first store opens, weed will be taxed 25%, so the goal is to stock up.

This is made easier by the sheer amount of dispensaries in the Portland area. It is still unknown as to which are opening up recreationally for sure, but most seem to be planning on it and are preparing for that influx of sales. This influx of sales, however, will be spread out across literally hundreds of locations, and dispensaries need to stand out. Despite donating samples to awesome events like Franco’s Fun Bus or Marijuana Mondays at the Analog, dispensaries and vendors can impress with features such as a delivery service. According to, there is only a handful of delivery-only medical suppliers. There are a few more in the Portland area that are not listed on weedmaps (which allows you to use search filters), but the first question on everyone’s minds is “will they sell recreationally?” Just as it applies to retail dispensaries, it applies to delivery-only dispensaries.

weed delivery portland

There are two things should happen, as a result of this question (which the answer to is most likely, yes, by the way). The first thing that should happen is that more dispensaries should offer a Portland weed delivery service in general. So many patients could benefit from it – the traffic alone in Portland can throw off someone’s ability to get their medications. The second is that those dispensaries should turn around and deliver recreationally once October hits. It would allow for more people to stay off the highways, lessening by a little the traffic problem of which we’re all a part. This would be particularly helpful during the upcoming recreational period when the stores themselves are chaos. At least with a delivery experience, it’s more one on one, rather than feeling someone breathing down your neck waiting for you to finish with the budtender. Delivery is a good opportunity to wow with customer service, and really establish the fan base that is needed to survive the next year.

Imagine opening your door to an experienced budtender and a briefcase full of marijuana products. That will be possible at the rate we’re going. You’ll be free to do things like ask your expert all the questions you’re maybe too nervous to ask either a dealer or a budtender in a store full of people. You can take your time with your deal (to an extent) in the comfort of your own home. Then you can consume immediately and enjoy the effects of your purchases without having to get back anywhere. So what’s the verdict? OMMP Card Holders: tell your favorite dispensary to deliver!

3 Ways Portland Weed Delivery Can Benefit Everyone

One of the most interesting things happened shortly after Seattle and the rest Washington State legalized marijuana. Several pioneers took the initiative, albeit grey-area, and launched a couple of marijuana delivery services. Since there was no specific regulations in place, and since the State was still working on the lingo of the actual regulations, the cops decided they were going to focus on more important matters.

The infamous Winterlife Cooperative and the smaller Club Raccoons were the first two delivery services on the scene, followed by a bunch copycats. These services operated in gray-area fog until regulations forced some of these outfits to shut down, while some may still be taking advantage of the transition into a brand new industry.

In the short history of the gray-area recreational marijuana delivery services, a good amount of residents in Seattle sheepishly used the services until it became second nature and a well-admitted pastime. While Portland may take the lead of Seattle and just focus on the brick and mortar recreational pot industry – which does make sense to make sure that part of it gets lifted off the ground – there are several reasons to allow Portland weed delivery, if only for the time being.

Allow Portland residents to practice their right ASAP

1) In July of this year, 2015, Portland and the rest of Oregon is going to make legalization for recreational purposes official. And then what? Just like in Seattle, after legalization became official, there was no way for residents to legally obtain weed. The delivery services sought to fill this gap. If Portland allows these weed delivery services to operate, at least until they get the legal industry up and running, then residents of Portland will be able to practice legalization.

In Seattle, these operations ran without a hitch. There is no reason why it couldn’t happen that way in Portland.

Generate massive amounts of tax revenue, even if only temporary

2) Seattle only allowed the recreational marijuana delivery services to operate. They were not proactive in any part of it. Shame on Seattle for missing such a wonderful opportunity to grant temporary licenses, to allow these outfits to operate and collect tax revenue.

Can you imagine how much money Seattle would have collected if they at least allowed temporary licenses? A lot of money. These operations didn’t make a few bucks. They banked. And so would the State if they would have been more proactive.

Once the actual legal retail industry got off the ground, then the State could have stepped back and issued actual licenses to a handful. Again, a missed opportunity, one Portland should examine.

Help ease the residents into a brand new industry

3) Here’s the thing. Once legalization becomes official and the recreational marijuana stores began to open, not everyone is going to sprint to the nearest shop and buy cannabis. Some residents will be a little timid to go to the recreational pot shops and show their face. Maybe they haven’t smoked cannabis in a while, or at all. Maybe they don’t want someone from the office, or a boss, to recognize them. Maybe it was just yesterday that legal weed was ostracized and frowned upon so it may take a little to get used to.

Whatever the reason,  not everyone is going to be comfortable leaping off of their couch and going to the nearest legal pot shop. Recreational marijuana delivery will help residents transition into an industry by having weed delivered to their door just like a pizza.