Educate Before You Recreate: What’s Legal, Oregon!

Even though legal marijuana is for adults 21 and older, the new campaign to inform everyone about the rules and regulations comes across as a little under age and juvenile. First of all, the slogan: Educate Before You Recreate, seems like something that would be introduced to a junior high cheer squad. Secondly, it doesn’t help that the use of hues on the infographic, located on the campaigns website, is primary color dominant.

Educate before you recreate Oregon

Educate before you recreate (size cropped to show comparison)



Kindergarten quilt pattern


Once you can get past the aesthetics, the Educate Before You Recreate infographic makes it clear that you must be 21+ years of age, use cannabis in the confines of private property, possess up to 4 plants, , that it’s illegal to drive under the influence, and that you can share or give away but you can’t sell or purchase (except from a licensed store).

But there are a couple of rules, regulations, or laws, that are not so clear:

1) You can’t take marijuana in or out of the state. That includes Washington

Doesn’t it seem a little odd that you can’t purchase legal cannabis in a legal state and cross the border to another legal state?

But besides this, is it against the law? We don’t actually know because the infographic doesn’t tell us. Although, it does make it clear that public use is illegal, along with underage possession and consumption.

1) You can make edible products at home or receive them as a gift, and can only use them in private places

What are private places? We understand that you can use marijuana on private property and you can’t use marijuana in public. But what is a private place? Can private places be a stall in a public bathroom? Can private places be the inside of a parked car? Can private places be behind a dumpster in an alley? Can I make a private place on the sidewalk using cardboard boxes and my imagination?

At any rate, we never liked laws against where you can consume edibles. If someone is sitting on a bench in the middle of the city eating a cookie, do you automatically think that they are eating a cannabis-infused cookie?

You can check out the Educate Before You Recreate website here.

What are your thoughts about Educate Before You Recreate? Would you add any laws or regulations?


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