How do you protect marijuana? This is a start. []

How do you protect marijuana? After all, legally, it’s a brand industry, transitioning from the black market. If you own a recreational marijuana shop, or plan on owning one, a security team can provide valuable and essential service.

For example, since marijuana is still illegal on a federal level, banks have their hands tied with the industry. Cash is not being protected properly. Sure, shops are required to have video surveillance on site, but sometimes that’s not enough. In addition, protecting money isn’t the only problem. What about those customers who enter the store? Are they properly ID’d? What about maintaining order in the store and keeping the customers and staff safe? These are just a few things that need to be addressed when protecting the marijuana industry.

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Disclaimer: Apache 6 security is an advertiser of This is an article is about their service in the local recreational marijuana industry.

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